Yoga at Mallorca’s Beach


The regular practice of yoga has both mental and physical benefits. Every day more people have joined this sport.

Every time we practice yoga our body is filled with benefits we come notice in our day to day. With each posture, we strengthen our muscles, ligaments, bones and help increase bone density.

Thanks to the slow and deep breathing, that is use in the practice of this exercise, we help to combat stress and consequently improve rest in our sleep hours.

So from Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa **** we want to invite you to practice this sport on the beach. Practicing yoga on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea can bring you some extra benefit.

Practicing yoga on the sand, being an unstable area, it forces us to exercise our muscle tissues more intensely because we are trying to find balance.

Being a changing surface, our body constantly adapts to the correct position and thanks to this, we get a little extra work in our concentration and muscles.

By practicing outdoor Yoga we increase our energy because the levels of oxygenation are higher. In addition, being next to the sea has a benefit, the air is pure and fresh, and so it cleans our lungs.

If during your stay in our hotel in Mallorca you decide to practice yoga on the beach we suggest you to take advantage of the reversed positions, that maybe until now you had not practiced, but since you are goinf to be in a less firm surface maybe you won’t be afraid to try it..

Apart from the beach, if you prefer, in the facilities of our hotel, thanks to our team, the team will be able to carry out guided yoga classes, and you will not lose good routine habits.

We will be waiting for you at our Hotel Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa **** located at Mallorca.