What to see in Menorca for 4 days?


Menorca is one of the key destinations for traveling as a couple, for families, for athletes, for lovers of landscapes, of flora and fauna or for the more adventurous.

However, visiting the island, seeing the most charming beaches, eating in some of its best restaurants and knowing the origin of the city is not difficult. Below, we present a route where you can visit the most important areas. Don’t stay with the feeling of having miss half of the island because here we tell you the most important things to see. Do you sign up?

Visit Menorca in 4 days


Menorca is much more than the typical postcard of its turquoise blue waters, since for example, right in the west of the island, you can find a collection of beaches considered the best in the world.

To access them, we recommend you to go by car and then take a bike tour through the different coves that you can access around.

First we need to tell you that the Camí de Cavalls excursion is a very special path. It has a route of 185 kilometres that covers the entire perimeter of Menorca without interruption.

All the way is perfectly signposted with wooden stakes and signs that is why we have told you to do it by bicycle, to also enjoy the views.

In addition, there are sections of all distances. You can start from wherever you want and are adapted for all audiences with some excursions that can end at the beach. Some of the coves that you cannot miss without fail are:

  • Cala Macarella and Macarelleta: Located in the Ciutadella municipality, they are chosen as the virgin beaches par excellence for their fine white sand, surrounded by pine trees on the beach. People talk wonders about this place so you cannot miss it.
  • Cala Turqueta: According to what they say, their name is due not only to their turquoise waters, but also to the relationship they make with the Turkish landing. You cannot miss it as it is one of the most famous coves of the Balearic Islands.
  • Son Saura: it is one of the largest beaches in Menorca, so much so that it is divided into two halves. It has fine sand, crystal clear waters and is shallow, so it is specially recommended if you want to go with children.

For lunch or dinner you can always access a beach bar near the beach and try some of the typical dishes there.


For the second day we have prepared a great excursion to learn more about the history of this famous island, in addition, it will not be necessary to go to the other point since what we will do today and the next days will be to move around the same area.

 The visit to Mahón can be a very satisfactory excursion for all those curious who want to discover more about the history of this island. Visiting historic buildings such as the Town Hall, the Bastion of Sant Roc or the Church of Sant Francesc will not leave you indifferent.

Of the latter in what stands out is its port, which is considered one of the best and most extensive natural ports in the Mediterranean and the world. Located in the centre of leisure, you can enjoy fantastic bars, terraces and restaurants, including Jàgaro.

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Menorcan for its seafood cuisine, where in its command there is no lack of escupinyes, corns, royal crayfish and other fresh seafood.

For an afternoon getaway you can always visit the Mola de Isabel II Fortress, located 20 minutes away by car, and one of the most interesting and key points of Menorca. With this visit you can discover various lands and underground rooms of military construction with unbeatable views over the city and the port of Mahón.


On this third day of vacation we propose to rest in a cove that has all the services to spend a day with everything you could need at hand. It is one 100% accessible to anyone, and being embedded between high cliffs gives the feeling of being in an authentic natural pool, ideal for all types of people, but especially for families. This cove is called Cala en Porter and we are sure you will love it.

In addition, we encourage you to spend a day of many adventures too, being able to practice some of the many sports that the island offers you. We recommend the Kayak excursions in Menorca, to discover the most unusual and spectacular corners and caves.

Also, whenever you get tired, you can decide to take a dip. As with snorkelling. Although we also tell you that if you have the opportunity to do so, you risk trying a Jet Ski route, the fly board, a catamaran ride or scuba diving.


Now to finish and make the most out of the last day, go and take long walks aimlessly and visit at least one market of the many that are in this island, where you can discover the typical instruments there and who knows, maybe you can have the typical Menorcan!

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