What to see in Menorca in 7 days?


Although Menorca is a small island, it has a lot to see. So, with a little planning, you can see every corner doing tourism in Menorca in 7 days.

In this post we summarize the most important places to see in a week. You don’t have to follow each plan exactly in the way we recommend. You can choose the most convenient to your schedule, remember the goal is to enjoy the trip, relax and disconnect from the daily routine.

Mahón and Ciudadela, two cities of obligatory visit

This is a visit you should do during the first days in the island, especially since these are the most populated places on the island. Both cities are located at both ends of the island, only 45 km apart and there has always been a certain rivalry between them for historical reasons.

On one hand we have Mahon, located on the eastern end of Menorca and only 20 minutes by car from our Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa. It is currently the administrative capital due to its strategic natural port, the most important in the Mediterranean and the second largest in Europe, which is why you cannot leave the island without visiting it.

But the beauty of Mahón not only resides in port, Mahón also stands out for its careful architecture. In its old town you will find a small labyrinth full of historical buildings and stately homes that will transport you to your English past. For example, the City Hall with its neo-Gothic style or the Main Guard, a place for the English guard that stands out for its characteristic red facade.

The museum of Menorca, located in a former Franciscan convent of Mahón next to a port lookout, portrays very well the history of the island by showing the public an archaeological remains and numerous works. Don’t forget to visit the churches, such as Santa María, Carmen and Concepción.

On the other hand, we have Ciudadela, the other jewel of the Balearic Islands. It is the second most important urban centre in Menorca. This city has a certain stately air that makes it unique, because it was the capital of the island during the Middle Ages until the British occupation. Its beautiful old town is full of well-kept manor houses and palaces worth seeing.

But before leaving the city, don’t forget to visit the two most emblematic places such as the Cathedral of Menorca and its famous port, where you can enjoy the best restaurants facing the sea. Also they emphasize architectonic works like the Castle of San Nicolás, the place of the Borne or the Esplanada, all of them with a lot of history and of great beauty.

The charm of a place that resides in its villages

Another of the attractions of Menorca are its towns, to such an extent that some of them have already become one of the emblems of the island. The most famous town par excellence is Binibeca, a small fishing village built in 1972 which particularity it’s the narrow alleys and all its whitewashed houses.

Another jewel to visit is the town of Sant Lluís, a town founded by the French during their brief colonization of the island. It is very close to Binibeca, so, it will not involve a large displacement to enjoy it. This town has a great architectural beauty inherited from the Gallic country, whose most outstanding buildings are its church and its famous wheat mills.

Nor should we forget Fornells, a fishing village located in the north, it has a very traditional port, a huge bay whose extension that exceeds 3 km and the famous Torre de Fornells, where you can enjoy the best views of the whole coast. This is where the best lobster stew of the island is made, a traditional Menorcan dish that you should try.

To conclude your route you can head towards the viewpoint of the island, Monte Toro, the highest mountain in Menorca. To get there you will also pass through another charming town called Es Mercadal, a town of great antiquity that also stands out for the white tint of its houses and its wheat mills. Once you arrive at Monte Toro, you can enjoy its wonderful views of the whole island and visit the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Toro, the religious patron saint of the island.

The history of Menorca is told by its monuments

As you have already seen, Menorca is an island with a lot of history. Different civilizations have passed through it, leaving all part of its essence. Starting from the prehistoric stage, where the Naveta des Tudons stands out, the oldest building on the island, inside which they buried their loved ones along with their personal belongings.

In its surroundings you can find villages of prehistoric Menorca. However, the most important is located at the other end of the island and is the town of Talatí de Dalt.

It is one of the most important and ancient cores found of that period, in which it is estimated that about a hundred people lived, is in a good state of conservation and has great information about the function of each old building.

Nor can we forget all its strong and military buildings, where we can highlight Fort Marlborough, built during the colonization of the English in honour of one of his generals Duke Marlborough, John Churchill. It was a key place for the struggles that took place between Spain, the United Kingdom and France for the conquest of Menorca.

But you cannot leave without visiting the most important fort of the island, the Fortress of La Mola. It was built after the English period in the peninsula of La Mola, right at the entrance to the port of Mahón, since its purpose was to protect this entrance of the British and French forces. It is in perfect condition with guided tours and stunning views of the coast and the port.

The Menorcan coasts and their crystalline waters

These last days you can dedicate to relax and what better way to do it than enjoying its coves and beaches in luxury hotels menorca, our Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa is what you are looking for.

A fact to consider is the diversity of beaches and coves that exist in Menorca, while those of the south are of fine sand and contrast with the green of its landscape, those of the north are rocky and of a singular reddish hue.

Then, we leave you with our particular selection of the best beaches and coves of Menorca:

North of Menorca

  • Cala Pregonda
  • Cala Cavallería
  • Cala Presidi
  • Cala Pilar

South Zone of Menorca

  • Cala Turqueta
  • Cala Macarella
  • Cala Macarelleta
  • Ca La en Porter

These have been the most important places that you should not forget to visit if you go on vacation to Menorca. If you want to spend the best holidays of your lives… Menorca is waiting for you!