Plans to do in Palma de Mallorca


Mallorca is one of the beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea, and is also part of the four Balearic Islands. In this island, we find our hotel Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa, and in the following article, we will explain the different activities that can be done on the island, in relation to its location, located 64 km from the airport of Palma de Mallorca, capital of the island.

First of all, it is necessary to point out that the best time to visit Mallorca is in the months close to summer or during the summer, since in this way, the heat and the sunny days favor your stay to visit the beach. But in any case, this Island is characterized by the good weather that it does throughout the year, so during the colder months it could also be visited.

In addition, it is also important to keep in mind, that in order to visit and tour the island comfortably, we recommend renting a car, so you can move wherever you want and when you want.

Tourism in the city of Palma de Mallorca

The city of Palma de Mallorca is the star of the island, apart from its beaches. It is a city with many years of history, through which Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Muslims and Christians have passed.

In the city, to know the most important things and all their history, you can always opt for a guided tour, or if not, walk the streets on your own, that with all its charm you will end up enjoying a good walk.

Also, in this city, you can take the opportunity to try the two star dishes of Mallorca: “pa amb oli” and “Llonguet”.

The Pa amb Oli is a slice of loaf that is coated with tomato, oil and salt, but you can add some piece of sausage … It is delicious!

On the other hand, the Llonguet, is a very thick white bread roll that usually is usually added ham and cheese or sobrassada.

You can find them at the Café Bar Es Vaixell and Bar Can Joan.

Palma de Mallorca is about 45 minutes by car from the hotel Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa, so we recommend renting a car, as it will be the fastest and easiest way to get around the island.

Excursion to the Caves of Drach

The Caves of Drach are a perfect plan if you don’t want to travel very far, as they are only about 5 minutes by car from our hotel Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa.

These are some of the most visited caves in the world, and go hand in hand with its Martel underground lake, one of the largest on the planet, 170 meters long and 30 meters wide. In addition, in the visits that are made, they offer classical music concerts every day, an incredible experience.

The wine route

In Mallorca there are around 70 wineries, and they have exquisite wines that you cannot miss. In addition, the wineries are located throughout the Island, and if you do not feel like driving too much, you can always choose to go to those that are closest to your accommodation.

On the Internet you can find an online guide to the wine route and provide a list of wineries you can visit, along with a brief description of each and some history.

Learn how Majorica pearls are made

The pearls of the Majorica jewelry are prepared in the island of Mallorca, exactly in Manacor, and it is very interesting to know the process of its manufacture. This process includes from the extraction of the pearl of the oyster, to the construction of the jewel.

Manacor is quite close to our hotel Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa, specifically about 17 minutes by car. You could not have it easier!

Boat rental and tour the beaches of the Island

Obviously the beaches are enjoyed sunbathing and diving, but there are many other ways to enjoy them, and one is traveling the beaches by boat.

There are many places in Mallorca where you can rent a boat for a few hours, and so you can spend a splendid beach day on the beach, and perhaps who knows, if it is still hot enough, a refreshing dip never left over.

We recommend some beaches such as Cala Agulla, Portals Vells, Formentor or Cala Llamp, among the thousand and one beaches that you can find in Mallorca.

Near our accommodation Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa, there are three centers where you can rent a boat. The three are located in Portocolom, about 20 minutes by car from the hotel.

Do the dive baptism

Diving is another way to get to know this magnificent island, it will allow you to know the marine fauna and the world that exists under the Mallorcan waters.

For those who have never done diving, there is always a first time for everything, and you can do the baptism of diving. A first experience underwater, where you learn how to breathe with the oxygen cylinder, among other things, and explore the waters of this island.

Near our hotel Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa, you can find different places to do the baptism at sea.


If your holidays in Mallorca are not during the hottest days, a very good alternative is to go hiking.

This island offers hundreds of hiking routes, and in the months when the sun is less intense, it is one of the best plans to do in Mallorca: physical exercise in view of spectacular landscapes.

From our hotel Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa, you can easily access these hiking routes by car. And on the web you will find ideal guides at hand where they provide information on all the different routes and the characteristics of each of them. The center that is closest to the hotel is Skualo Diving Mallorca, about 6 minutes by car.

Relaxation Day & Spa

Apart from visiting this beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea, you can also take some time for yourselves, a time for rest and relaxation. Because the best holidays are those that allow moments of great tranquility. So, if you are looking for the best Mallorca spa with incredible offers, at the Insotel Hotel Group you will find it!

In our hotel Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa, you will find the best services to relax. We are waiting for you in Mallorca!