What to do in Menorca with children?


Menorca is one of the places that you can visit with friends, family or children. Before landing on this island to spend your holidays, it is important to plan the trip in advance if we go with children.

Today, in this article, we bring you a mini-guide with the best places and plans of Menorca that you can enjoy with the youngest ones, do we discover them?

Taste the typical gastronomy of the Island

In Menorca there is a wide range of restaurants and bars that offer local food delicacies. It is worth visiting several of these places so you can taste a lot of new flavours that you will love, as we already discussed a few days ago in our article: “Most typical dishes of Menorca”

So, if what you want is to travel to the origins of this beautiful island, one of the best ways to do it is through its gastronomy, which based on flavours, smells and textures will gradually make you fall in love.

Visit the lighthouses

A great option to amuse children is to take long walks on foot or tour the island by bike, making stops so that they can play. A wonderful idea to entertain these walks is to visit one of the 7 lighthouses of Menorca, which names are: Cavalleria lighthouse, Punta Nati lighthouse, Sa Farola lighthouse, Artrutx lighthouse, Faro del Aire Island, San lighthouse Carlos and Favaritx lighthouse.

In case you are staying at Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa we recommend you to visit Faro Favàrtix, which is only a half hour drive from our hotel. And if what you want is to see a dream sunset, we recommend that when you visit the Ciutadella you will go to the Punta Nati lighthouse, located only 6 km away. It is a lighthouse located on top of a cliff and whose date of construction dates from 1912.

Do aquatic activities in family

When it comes to having fun as a family, the beach is the best place. In it, the little ones have a great time and the adults enjoy playing with them as well. Once on the beaches of Menorca, we recommend you to do water activities such as paddle surfing, kayak rides or water scooter … fun guaranteed!

But, what beaches and coves of Menorca should you go? From Insotel Hotel Groups we recommend the following: Son Bou beach, Cala Mitjana, Cala Galdana, Cala Pregonda, Cala Presili, these are some of the beaches and coves of Menorca with easy access. Perfect to spend a day with the family.

Visit the center of the Ciutadella

The Ciutadella is one of the most beautiful corners of the island, its stone roads will take you back to another era, like the Castle of Sant Nicolás or the Episcopal Palace. Another must-visit is the Port of Ciutadella, a wonderful place to stroll and stop for lunch in one of its restaurants.

Popular Festivities

If you want to discover a different Menorca, far from the beaches, we invite you to participate in one of the popular festivals of Menorca. Depending on the time of year you will coincide with one or the other. The Menorcan festivities are perfect to take the kids since you will find many activities, fireworks, concerts and lots of fun.

Tips for an excellent trip with children

We know that it is not the same traveling alone and traveling with children. Therefore, we reveal below what you can do to avoid surprises and unforeseen events during your trip to Menorca.

  • Take a light stroller. Many parents before traveling with their children and babies wonder if it is possible to take a stroller and which one to take. The truth is that it depends a lot on the type of environment you are going to visit, time, etc. For this, an all-terrain but light stroller is the perfect opinion to go everywhere without stress.
  • Choose a hotel for children. Sometimes when we book a hotel in Menorca we worry about choosing the cheapest one without taking into account the children. Comfort for the children is a priority, because if they feel uncomfortable they will not enjoy the holidays. For this, we recommend an accommodation that offers exclusive services for children as is the case of our hotel Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa, with services and activities exclusively for children.

Entertainment in moments of rest

After a long day of walking through the best places on the island of Menorca, what you most want is a relaxing moment at the Hotel. For this, so you can enjoy moments of tranquility Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa puts at your disposal an exclusive activities service for children in the Insi Club, as well as a large swimming pool exclusively for younger children and a separate pool for babies. Because, what better way to take advantage of the tranquillity that leaving the children to enjoy with exclusive activities for them?

In this article we have revealed the best places in Menorca that you can visit with the children, but we are sure that you will discover many more during your stay in the Island.

From Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa we are waiting for you in Menorca to help you spend a perfect and unforgettable vacation with your children. Happy trip!