What to do in Formentera if you travel with children?

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Formentera is a paradise for the whole family, its crystal clear and calm waters are suitable for both adults and children. But, the smallest of the pitusas islands also offers many activities for children. So we have prepared a small guide about the activities you can do if you travel to Formentera with children.

What activities can I do in Formentera with children?

Visit places suitable for children

Sant Francesc Xavier has numerous facilities for the little ones of the house, we can highlight the Frank Jackson playground or the Formentera sports centre.

The sports centre has tracks adapted to different types of sport, for example, basketball, tennis or skating, as well as two swimming pools of different depths. But not only that, the same municipality has a Youth Centre, aimed for the young people between 16 and 26 years.

However, outside Sant Francesc there are also other interesting places, including the La Mola Lighthouse with its stunning views and the Estany des Peix, a beautiful lake that is open to the sea and near the Port of La Savina.

Although this place has been declared a biosphere reserve by Unesco, children can enjoy and bathe in its waters with total safety.

Bathe on its crystalline beaches

The Balearic island has different paradisiacal beaches that both large and small can enjoy. The best known are the following:

Migjorn. It occupies a large part of the southern part of the island, as it is the longest beach in all of Formentera. For what will be one of the less crowded coastal areas of the island, tranquillity will be assured.

Pujols. Located in the municipality in the same name, it is one of the most sought after beaches for its enormous beauty, highlighting its fine white sand and crystal clear waters. There you can find all kinds of restaurants, shops and bars, with its hippie market being the most popular of all.

Ses Illetes. Listed as the second best beach in Spain in different surveys, this unique beach is located in the Natural Park of Ses Salines, a reserve that connects northern Formentera with southern Ibiza. Both one place and the other, worth a visit.

Participate in children’s events

Both Formentera and the rest of the Balearic Islands stand out for the attractiveness of their craft markets. In the case of Formentera there is the Sant Ferran Market, where numerous workshops, storytelling and clown performances for the little ones are held. You will find them on Saturdays in August and September.

Cycling Formentera by bike

The island has a large number of green routes that run throughout its geography. All of them have different levels of difficulty and many of them last only 30 minutes, during your tour you can enjoy its old windmills, defensive constructions of the time and imposing cliffs.

Where could I stay in Formentera with children?

The ideal when going to a place like this with children would be staying in an all-inclusive hotel in Formentera. So you can have many services and activities that you can enjoy both the children of the house and you.

With Insotel you can relax and get rid of a thousand worries during your stay, as you will have at your disposal many activities for your children adapted to each age group.

If you’re planning to travel to Formentera with children, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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