What animal is Formentera?


The answer is the lizard. However, why has it become the symbol of the island of Formentera? If you want to know this and many other curiosities about the lizards … keep reading!

Podarcis Pityusensis is the scientific name of this funny lizard that has more than 30 subspecies. It is an autochthonous reptile of the Pitiusas Islands, that is to say, of Ibiza, Formentera and the 42 islets that surround them.

They are blue, greenish tones and the combination of the previous tonalities. Nevertheless, like any reptile, its color resembles the area in which it lives in order to go unnoticed by its predators.

Lizards, as part of the reptile family, do not have the ability to regulate the temperature of their body in an autochthonous way, depending on external heat sources, such as the sun, rocks and soil.

For this reason, if you want to see specimen of the symbol of the island of Formentera you should look them during the sunshine hours in the warmer months of the year, that is, from March to October. Although on the warmer days of winter, you can also see some of them. If we have to highlight a few months of more activity for them, without a doubt, are the months of March and April.

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