Water tourism in Ibiza


The island of Ibiza is a natural environment, a place to discover every part of the island from different prescriptions. In today’s article, we are going to talk about water tourism, a type of tourism that allows you to enter into the depths of the wonderful Mediterranean Sea that surrounds the charismatic island of Ibiza.

Island where you can find our hotels Insotel Tarida Beach Sensatori Resort *****, Insotel Club Tarida Playa **** and Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa ***** and it is in this same island in which the Sea, its beaches and coves are the main tourist attraction.

In this coast of the Mediterranean Sea, we can find multitude of marine species and the posidonia prairies. To be able to see from close this entire environment what better way than to submerge into its waters.

Snorkeling to discover the depths of Ibiza

It is a sport simple and suitable for the whole family. Its main attraction is to enjoy underwater life closely in a natural environment and without the need to carry a complex diving equipment.

With this type of aquatic activity, it is only necessary to possess the necessary equipment and much desire to know the aquatic world that hides in the waters of Ibiza.

For snorkeling, we will need snorkel goggles, fins and snorkel.

To practice this sport, we need the snorkel goggles to be properly adjusted, otherwise water will enter your eyes and you will not be able to enjoy the depths of Ibiza.

Thanks to the fins, you can move quickly and they help you to swim better through the sea of Ibiza with less effort.

When buying the snorkel, you must acquire one of good quality and before proceeding to perform the activity you should check that the water does not seep into your mouth.

From Insotel Hotel Group we encourage you to make this sport of little complexity to do underwater tourism. A kind of respectful tourism suitable for every member of the family.