Reasons to visit Mallorca

Although it may not seem like it, Mallorca is not just sun and beach. That is why, next we recommend activities and places to go out of high season, the landscapes free of tourists and bathers are worth seeing.

What places to see in Mallorca?

Tranquility. You can enjoy the best establishments and terraces without burdens or queues, such as in Santa Ponsa or Alcúdia port, you can find a table by the sea, quietly and then go for a walk on the beach. Not everything is bathing, you can walk or run along the beach, play with family or friends or go for a drink nearby.

Trekking. In Mallorca there are many routes to go hiking, with various levels of difficulty. For example the Torrente de Pareis, the Camilo de Archiduque or pilgrimage to the Lluc Monastery are some of the most popular walks to enjoy in the winter days.

Palma de Mallorca. La Palma de Mallorca, also known as “ciutat” is more difficult to appreciate in summer, so it is a great time to visit the city in winter, with more tranquility and without much heat, such as the Cathedral, the Royal Palace or the Plaza Mayor.

Nature. Being able to visit the natural spaces in summer, with the sun is more complicated and when the cold starts it is much more comfortable to go to visit sites, such as S’albufera or the Llevant Peninsula.

Mallorca by bicycle. If walking on the island in winter is a great experience as we have commented, imagine cycling. A great point is that in winter the roads are less traveled and many beautiful sites can be discovered.

Nautical sports. If you love water sports, you can take advantage in winter and live a different experience, in addition to that you can improve the immune system and circulation thanks to cold water, in addition to burning more calories by the effort to maintain body heat.

Family hotel in mallorca

Of course, going in winter in Mallorca is a great saving of money, and more if you are going to visit Mallorca with your family. Flights are cheaper, and hotels have less demand and it is easier to find your ideal hotel.

Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa offers a wide range of activities for the whole family to be entertained. It is a hotel near the beach in Mallorca, open from April to October, so you can go outside the high season and enjoy all the activities.

You can find areas equipped for babies and young children who want to play, with swimming pool, interactive games and water parks. Areas for next-generation games or other areas for the whole family who love sports, as well as being able to go for a drink or play pool.

Do not miss this wonderful island with everything it can offer you all year long!