Traditional seafood dishes from Ibiza


Ibiza is a territory surrounded by the sea all over its cardinal points, and because of it, is a place where fish and seafood are present in each one of its traditional dishes.

In the Insotel Group hotel located at Ibiza you will find excellent restaurants where you can delight dishes made with rockfish and seafood.

Characteristically, rockfish it’s known to have a consistent meat and its versatility when cooked. Therefore, this kind of fish so often present at the Balear Islands can be cooked steamed, grill, in soups, soupy rice and stewed.

At our hotels, Insotel Tarida Beach Sesatori Resort, Insotel Club Tarida Plara or Insotel Fenicia Prestige, you can find restaurants to enjoy these typical dishes, prepare by our chefs. A modern kitchen with traditional recipes roots, where the main element in each dish is the product; a product that it’s fresh and full of quality.

The “Bullit de peix” is an ibizenco stewed made mostly with rockfish. This dish was very popular among the sailors when they went out fishing in the old days. They used the fish that could not be sold, and prepare this exquisite dish on board. It is a dish of potatoes, fish, almonds and tomato.

The “Frita de polp o de calamar”, is one of the most popular seafood dishes in the islands. It is a dish made with stir-fry with onions, octopus or squid, potatoes and peppers. It’s a very tasty dish we recommend you not to forget to eat while you’re at Ibiza.

La “Caldera de llangosta” is a soupy rice made with lobster and fish soup. It’s a popular dish with an intense fish flavor. This type of rice it’s very characteristic in several cities of the Mediterranean Sea of Spain.

From our Insotel Hotel Group, we wish you happy holidays and recommend you to do not miss a taste of the Iberian food.