hotel-lujo-ibizaWhenever we hear about Ibiza we think about its idyllic beaches, coves and natural spaces, and it’s no wonder, since this island is full of paradisiacal landscapes that you can enjoy with your family.

But Ibiza is not only rich in nature but also in culture and in a historical infrastructure since some buildings are more than 200 years old.

Dalt Vila and its imposing walls

dalt de vila

Dalt Vila is the historical center of Ibiza, the capital of the island where you will find picturesque roads, houses and, of course, cultural heritage of the island such as the Cathedral of Ibiza.

The Cathedral of Ibiza is located at the highest point of the city, being an icon of it, and it is visible from several points in the area what makes this cathedral, consisting of three parallel chapels at the head and multiple side chapels, in one of the jewels of Ibiza.

It has three parallel chapels at the head and numerous side chapels between the buttresses.

It is recognized for having a curious architectural mix that goes from the Gothic to the Baroque style. A curious fact is that although its construction was ordered around the year 1235, it would not reach the rank of Cathedral until 1782.

In 1555 they began to build around the city the imposing Renaissance walls by order of the Emperor Philip II. Due to the construction of these walls the stability of the cathedral began to be in danger and had to be remodelled, under the baroque style.

The walls


In 1999 the Renaissance walls of Dalt Vila were declared a World Heritage Site, thus becoming one of the main attractions of the city center next to the cathedral; they are the two most visited historical monuments of the whole island.

The Portal of Ses Taules is the most well-known entrance, located in the Plaça de Sa Constitució just next to the Mercat Vell, from this point you can appreciate very well the height of the enclosure to the cathedral.

Route to know the enclosure

There are several routes and guided tours to learn more about the history of the construction of these medieval walls and the odd curiosity about how Ibiza was once lived in the city. Many options to soak up the culture and history of the island.

But the route of the bastions is the most popular and complete, since through this route you can walk the perimeter of the walls.

The route begins at the Baluarte de Sant Pere and continues to the Portal de las Aguaderas and Plaça del Sol, a good place to take a break, sit down on one of the terraces of the premises and regain strength to continue the journey.

Continuing with the route you will arrive at the Baluarte de Santa Llúcia, this is where the Polvorín is located, an old enclosure where the gunpowder was kept.

The next thing you will find is the Convent of the Dominicans, which in turn is the current headquarters of the Ibiza Town Hall. From here you can reach the half bastion known as Es Revellí and then the Plaça d’Espanya, where you can enjoy spectacular views of Formentera if you go up the tunnel that goes to the outskirts of the city known as Soto Fosc.

Through this same tunnel, but heading back towards the walled area, you will reach the foot of the castle and the Baluarte de Sant Bernat, formerly known as the Baluarte del Castillo. This bastion is part of the original fortification plan of the Renaissance architect Giovanni Battista Calvi.

Finally, you can conclude the tour by reaching the street of the University through which you can reach the Cathedral Square and see the beautiful buildings of the city as its Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the House of the Curia, the Episcopal Palace, the neighborhood of Sa Penya and La Marina, and spectacular views of the port of Ibiza.

This is the perfect point to finish the tour, which we recommend to all the guests of our luxury hotel in Ibiza who wish to delve a bit more into the culture of this wonderful island.

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