Formentera by bicycle


Formentera is an island 18 km long from east to west. But it’s not only that, it should also be noted that, with the exception of the peak of La Mola, it is completely flat, which makes it an ideal place to cycle it, which is why it is already nicknamed as “the island of bicycles ” In this article we will talk about the best routes that could be done by Formentera by bicycle.

These are the best routes to know the island

The Balearic Island has a total of 32 Green Routes adapted for both bicycles and pedestrians. All of them have a different degree of difficulty, so it is required to have a minimum of physical preparation and to know the ground before starting the tour. These roads can be classified into three groups: the routes that line the coast, those that run inland and those of La Mola peak.

Bordering the coast

They are the most requested routes, for their ease and the possibility of enjoying their wonderful beaches. We suggest the first route, as it is the easiest and can be done in 15 min. This part from the port of La Savina to the beach of les Illetes, crossing part of the northwest coast of the island.

It begins by following the “Camí de sa Guía”, a path that borders the coast through which the salt train circulated and where we can also enjoy the immense lagoon of the Estany Pudent, where formerly this salt was collected, among other vestiges that you will find from the saline past.

As we reach Les Illetes, we will encounter many attractions such as Sa Sequi, a point that connects Estany Pudent with the sea, or the beach of Cavall d’en Borràs, a beach with wonderful turquoise waters. Which will take us to the beach of les Illetes, one of the most famous on the island. If you want to travel Formentera by bicycle with children, this is the ideal route.

Crossing inside

Formentera is more than a beach, since inside the island it also enjoys great beauty with its extensive vegetation, its defence towers from the time of the pirates, old windmills and its fauna, which you may be lucky and discover its famous blue lizard, a symbol of the island.

If you want to discover this other side of the island, we suggest you take the route that starts from the capital of Formentera, the town of San Francisco Javier, or Sant Francesc, to the famous lighthouse of Barbaria. The duration of the tour is 1 hour by bicycle and of medium difficulty.

To enjoy the calm of the surroundings, pedal along the southern road of the municipality through the neighbourhood of Ses Bardetes, so we will take an alternative route that will take us away from the crowd of the main road that leads to the Cap de Barbaria.

During the journey, you can enjoy wonderful places like its forests, vineyards and cliffs, until you reach the arid landscape that surrounds the famous lighthouse of Barbaria. Next to it, you can find a small cave that acts as a tunnel between the walls of the cliffs and the surface.

Ascending to the peak of La Mola

Despite its flat terrain, it should be noted that the only peak it has, La Mola, is 192 meters, which can also be a challenge for cyclists with a certain experience, since there is a section of 3 or 4 km full of slopes pronounced.

If you have some experience on two wheels and are looking for new challenges, this is the most appropriate. However, although the route has stretches of difficulty, the one we propose is a little more than 12 km.

The road departs from the town of Pilar de La Mola, heading towards the north coast of the island and surrounding it eastward towards the famous La Mola Lighthouse. During the crossing, you can enjoy the wonderful views, both of the sea and the countryside.

Once we arrive at La Mola Lighthouse, we will continue along the coast crossing fields with dry stone walls. There we will find the Molí Vell de La Mola, a symbol of the peasant tradition that still permeates the island.

But the route is not there, the path will continue west, there will be the ascent road, which will lead to the peak. Once this point is reached, you will only have to return to the starting point, the Pilar de La Mola, where you can rest from the journey made.

Despite how small Formentera is, it has a lot to offer. There you will have everything at your fingertips, since if you do not have bicycles, there are bicycle rental services in Formentera once you arrive on the island. If you are determined to do one of these routes, you will find the best all-inclusive hotel in Formentera at Insotel.

Formentera is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?