Three historical defense towers you must visit in Menorca


The strategic location of Menorca has turned it into a very coveted place and has made it suffer constant invasion attempts, both by pirates and by great European powers who considered it a key point for control of the entire coast of the Mediterranean.

After the conquest of the island by King Alfonso III of Aragon, they began to build, on the part of the rural proprietors, towers that served them like refuge to the continuous pirate attacks.

Throughout the sixteenth century, the Spanish empire was in constant battle with the Ottoman. In addition, the armies attempted to attack by surprise key points of the coast of the enemy with the purpose of weakening it. In the face of continuing attacks, Menorca decided to order the construction of a network of watchtowers and maritime warning towers.

To this day, many of these towers and watchtowers are still standing. Without a doubt, you must visit these historical monuments during your stay in Menorca.

Torre Castillo de Sant Nicolau. Built in 1680, it was a defense and surveillance tower designed to protect the port of the Citadel. It is a building of octagonal base carved in rock, with a perimeter grave and a wooden bridge in the door.

Tower of the Princess. Located on the cliff of La mola, and built with the purpose of preventing the disembarkation of the enemy in Es Freus. It is a tower with three heights, the ground floor was destined to the storage of the gunpowder, the intermediate was where the garrison was located and the last level was for the canyon.

Torre d’en Quart. It is the most characteristic defense building of the Citadel. This tower, used as a place of immediate defense in which the habitants could be safe in case they underwent a sudden pirate attack.

These are three of the many defense towers of Menorca. Historical monuments that when we contemplate them we can imagine what life was like hundreds of years ago.

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