The Ficus Carica of Formentera


If we have to highlight any charm of Formentera is without doubt its landscapes. Because the vegetation of the smallest of the four Balearic Islands is wonderful.

Taking a quick tour around the flora of the island, we can see that most of its trees are junipers and pine trees but we also can find many “Ficus Carica”, that is, fig trees.

It is a very unique tree that due to its trunk and branches give rise to incredible, while impossible, forms that over the years have become an emblem of this island Pitiusa.

Although we will always find them in plain farmland, due to their rebellious nature we can also see them germinate and grow in dry, rocky places, walls and cracks. In addition, these type of trees have an unprecedented capacity to survive anywhere and that is the reason they can develop without the need to be taken care of.

However, how do they manage to have these curious shapes? Very simple, in order to these centenary trees have these forms; they are supported by stolons with pins that help their horizontal growth.

Another curious fact about these “ficus carica” is that you will rarely find them alone, that is to say, they tend to grow several at the same time. Thanks to their shoring and over the years, these trees have intertwined, erasing the boundaries between one another and forming small forests.

Fig trees are one of the many attractions that you will find in this beautiful island. Therefore, once installed in our hotels in Formentera, we recommend let yourself carried away by the charm of the island and remember it by taking long and pleasant walks.