The coast of Menorca and its wonderful beaches


The Balearic Islands are an archipelago located in the Mediterranean sea where you can spend the whole summer season between beach and beach, as these islands have more than 300 beaches. Only in the island of Menorca you will find a total of more than 100 beaches.

In addition to all these beaches, on the island you can find two of our hotels: Insotel Punta Prima Prestige and Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa. Two 5-star hotels where you can relax and enjoy each and every one of the beaches hidden in this natural spot.

Thus, the island was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco on October 8 of 1993. It is for this reason that each of the locals that live in the island, like all visitors who enjoy this wonder of nature interact in a responsible way with the purpose of preserving it.

Once in Mallorca, we recommend you to unpack your suitcases, make yourself comfortable at your wonderful room in one of the Insotel Hotel Group hotels located on the island and then visit as much beaches as you can, since there are 120…

One of the most extensive beaches is the Son Bou Beach, it has about 3 kilometers of beach where you can sunbathe and enjoy its crystal clear waters. Another qualitie of the beaches located along the island is its access by foot, so that during the way to the beach you can enjoy the nature of the island.

So, after a long day of sun and beach you can enjoy the best local gastronomy as in this island you will find the restaurants of the best chefs in Spain.

Now you just have to decide the dates and start to plan your trip to Menorca. Visit our website and benefit from the early booking offers that are available.