The cave of Es Culleram


One of the most important archaeological places nationwide is on the island of Ibiza, specifically in Sa Cala de San Vicent, called the Cave of Es Culleram.

It is located about 150 meters above sea level, hidden between mountains and forests, and is a sanctuary dedicated to Tanit, the main goddess of love and fertility, of the Carthaginian mythology.

It’s Culleram, know all its history

Es Culleram was discovered in 1907 in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, specifically in Ibiza, and that same year the Ebusitana Archaeological Society launched a series of excavations to investigate the place and numerous terracotta figures were discovered, with a large historical value dating between the fourth and second centuries BC

Among the most important remains could be the inscriptions found on the bronze plaque dedicated on both sides to Reseph-Melkart (to which the oldest inscription is linked since it was to which the sanctuary was dedicated first) and Tanit divinity (to which the most modern inscription corresponds, since in the third or second century the sanctuary was dedicated to it).

In any case, from what the archaeologists of the area have been able to discover, the cave collapsed approximately around the second century B.C. and in 1907 it was found as such. Then, in 1988 it was acquired by the island’s government, the Insular Consell, which rehabilitated it and opened it to the public.

How is Es Culleram?

It has been thought that this cave already served as a domestic refuge in prehistoric times since it was very well located and protected. However, the Punics, between the 5th centuries BC. and III B.C. they used it as a place to develop religious activities and believers from all over the island came to make offerings. The temple had a group of priests who moved there to perform different rituals.

According to archaeologists, the sanctuary was divided into three zones. The first was an open-air patio like an altar, where sacrifices were celebrated with animals where they burned their inedible parts such as the head, the legs … The second area is in the central part of the cave, full of stalagmites attached with stalactites .

The third zone would be where the ashes of the sacrifice were deposited and the bones that were left over from the food (which were also considered sacred), therefore, the deepest area. Currently, many tourists pass through the area to give offerings to the goddess Tanit.

How to get to the cave of Es Culleram?

We can find this wonder of nature in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, one kilometre from the well-known Cala de San Vicente, located 20 minutes by car from our Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa hotel.

To be able to access it we have to be attentive to the signs shown on the road that goes to San Juan. A part of the road must be done on foot, while you can enjoy the incredible viewpoint of Es Culleram, near the caves.

Another option to get there is also from Sant Carles, past S’Aigua Blanca, where there is another road that leads to the same destination.

Access time to Es Culleram

Today this cave is owned by the Consell de Ibiza and its entrance is free. You can visit inside, a more advisable excursion for the whole family, and a very fun plan to do in Ibiza with children. It is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 2pm from April to October.

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