The Cathedral of Mallorca


In this season, traveling to Mallorca means knowing the most native part of the island during these months the influx of tourist decreases and becomes a different island, much quieter and full of charm. A season to know their true roots and in which you will have direct contact with local traditions and customs.

From Insotel Hotel Group we advise you to visit the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. An emblematic symbol of the island, it is the only Gothic cathedral that faces the sea and has been declared a historical-artistic monument, it is popularly known as “La Seu” and the charm of its soul will make you fall in love. Do we discover it?

Museum of Mallorca Cathedral

The museum is one of the sites of the cathedral of Mallorca that you cannot miss. Hire one of his guided tours to discover its permanent collection of sculptures, art and precious paintings in the rooms “Vermell”, Gothic and Baroque Chapter.

Note: It is located in the Plaza Seo so you must access through the house of the Almoin.

Rosetón Mayor

The largest rose window in the cathedral of Mallorca Palma is also known by the name of “eye of the Gothic”, because this beautiful rose window is the largest in the world and is composed of more than 1,200 crystals that play a key role in its iris.

This beauty has survived centuries of different attacks and wars. In fact, during the civil war it was restored after the impact of a bomb in La Almudaina.

Pure Catalan Gothic architecture

The Cathedral of Mallorca or Santa Maria was built during the reign of Jaime II. The construction works of the cathedral ended 1630, 50 years later without interruptions.

The Cathedral of Mallorca has been restored on several occasions, we highlight the reforms carried out by the architect Antoni Gaudí.

This, in 1904 moved the choir, eliminated the minor Gothic altarpiece, and developed the baldachin of the altar. He also took care of the lighting of the site through glass windows. Without a doubt, it turned it into an authentic jewel of Catalan Gothic architecture.

The display of the lighting Rosette

One of the best spectacle that can be seen in the cathedral and that only happens twice a year is the light rosette. This phenomenon occurs when the sun passes through the major rosette and its flash is reflected on the opposite wall. You can enjoy for a very short time the impressive glass rosette over the light one.

Curiosities of the Cathedral of Mallorca

Among its large walls of solid stone are hidden a great multitude of anecdotes and curiosities. We explain some curiosities of “La Seu”:

Its name is the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, however, it is also known as the Cathedral of Santa María, the chapel of the Santísimo or as it is popularly called: “La Seu”.

In 1229 when Jaime I conquered Mallorca, the great conqueror ordered the demolition of the mosque and in its place began the construction of the current Cathedral of Mallorca in honour of Santa María. The most observers will soon realize the different architectural influences of the periods that have been going on since their construction.

In addition, in the same cathedral you can distinguish features of the Baroque, Gothic and the influence of the Catalan Gaudí, which was commissioned by the famous Choir Sculpture of this cathedral.

Another of its anecdotes is that years ago the Mediterranean waters kissed its walls but over the years the sea has moved away from the cathedral. That is to say, where Parc de la Mar now stands and its lagoon was once sea, a blue and silent one.

From our charming hotels in Mallorca, we advise you to observe every detail of this wonderful cathedral.
Enjoy your days on the island and rediscover Mallorca. We are waiting for you!