The best Ibiza Sunsets


The sun goes down every day, but nowhere like it does in Ibiza. Ibiza is world renowned for its spirit, its beaches and fashion, so characteristic of the island. But without a doubt, Ibiza sunsets have that engaging and hypnotizing sense that is hard to describe.

Ibiza is an attitude. It is not just a destination resort, it is much more. In your days on the island you go over every point of it, you will know and remember every moment as if it was unique, because Ibiza has that “something” that makes you will never erase from your mind.

Most likely you will go along beaches, coves, the best restaurants and, of course, sunsets will leave you fascinated every night. Besides the company, to enjoy a good sunset is essential to have a good location.

From Insotel we prefer the sunsets on the west side. At this point of the island, the sun disappears over the sea. The colors are gradually drawn on water, while the sun hides shyly. You will cringe at every second.

One of the best sunsets that you can enjoy is at Cala Conta. This is one of the most popular and crowded beaches across the island. Its crystalline waters and its wide expanse of sand make it a beach to spend a day and see a sunset that cannot ever be forgotten. It is located 15 minutes away from Sant Antoni Portany.

A really attractive alternative to sunsets at the beach side, is to see them on a cliff like Sa Penya Esbarrada. It is a location with a special attraction to enjoy the sunset. On summer evenings, its sunsets make it an accomplice place to enjoy the colors and shades that leave the sun in its low hours.

But if what you really want is to spend a romantic and breathtaking evening of that, you should see the sunset from a sailboat. Dive in the sea, breathe the pure air of the Mediterranean and let you be touched by rays of the late sun with a special person by your side, without a doubt this is the pleasure of sunsets and the charm of Ibiza.

Visit Ibiza with Insotel and lose yourself in the tastes, sensations and pleasures of Ibiza.