The 3 keywords of Insotel Hotel Group



These are the three words which the whole experience Insotel Hotel Group is based. A weekend break in the Balearic Islands is a synonymous of getting away.

At the time you go away of the city and board on the plane which will take you to our particular paradise called Balearic Islands, you feel something running through your body and it’s just that time that you start the experience Insotel Hotel Group.

Either in our hotels located in Formentera, Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza you will have daydreams in which you will forget and leave behind all your routines that chain your day to day.

Insotel Hotel Group is more than a chain of resorts and luxury spa, it’s an experience of your senses where you can enjoy, rest and break away.

In our resorts located in all of the Balearic Islands we have leisure spaces where you can drink a cocktail, a glass of wine and a snack whenever you want because… you are on weekend! Forget the watch and let yourself go by your instincts.

In addition, we have several restaurants where you can taste the fusion cuisine. Our chefs fuse tastes and textures until creating exceptional plates made into unique experiences to the palate. Notes of flavor beside the union of wines and champagnes are transformed in a 360º culinary experience.

If your chosen hotel is one of our spas, you can take care of every part of your body with magnificent treatments. Spa circuits, massages and complete body treatments inspired by different cultures of the world.

Don’t hesitate and book for the weekend. Spend several day near to the Mediterranean Sea with the company of Insotel Hotel Group.