Take a break in Formentera!


Temperatures rise, as also does the desire to travel and disappear for a few days. Insotel suggests you to take a break out of your day and take a trip to Formentera…. Low Off!

After all this year full of exhausting work, you deserve to travel, even if it is only for a few days, and break away. So, what better way to travel than to one of the four islands of the Balearic archipelago, right? Their coasts awaits for you!

Look for the best company, your partner, a friend or your family, whomever you want! Do not plan it too much, just how crucial it is accommodation. In this case, we suggest the Hotel Formentera Playa. Book your hotel and leave all other plans for improvisation.

Forget the agenda, wake up every day and decide what you want to do at that moment. Let the “je ne se qua” of Formentera flow and surprise you. Beach, massage loungers, Balinese beds … these can be some of the plans but…better leave all these plans for later!

Among the services of our Hotel Formentera Playa, you will find towels service, so you do not have to worry about putting in your suitcase a towel for the pool.

If you want loungers and parasols, these are also at your disposal for free in our pool facilities. If you wish, you can also enjoy this service at the beach, for a small cost.

If you want to know every corner of the island of Formentera, you must do so by car or motorbike for more comfort. That is why our hotel offers the possibility to rent cars and motorbikes so you can explore the entire surface of the island.

Search and book your hotel room, spend unforgettable days, those that you will remember with nostalgia during the coldest months of the year. Say goodbye to the bustle of cars and change by the waves and sea breeze.