Submarine Nature of Ibiza


Ibiza’s underwater nature

Ibiza makes you fall in love with its land, air and sea. Knowing each of its underwater corners can be a real adventure for this summer, if you wish. From Insotel we mention and discover every part of the seabed of Ibiza.

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Ibiza, along with Formentera, form the Pitiusas Islands. These two islands hide amazing fauna and flora, jaw dropping for anyone who contemplates it like a work of art.

Its waters are teeming with species,in them we can see a lot of marine nature diversity. The transparency of the water helps the experience of discovering this underwater world close and clear.

In the depths of these waters, you will enjoy typical flora and fauna of the Mediterranean sea. In its seabed, you will find caves, forests of sea grass and agglomeration of stones in the form of sea cliffs. All this forms a singular marine habitat.

As for fauna, in these calm waters of the Mediterranean sea you will find a wide variety of fish. So, you can swim with seahorses, swordfish, moray eels, barracuda, mackerel, horse mackerel, sardines and rowers.

It is possible that during your underwater experience you may have the good fortune to see a bottlenose dolphin. This species of dolphin is very characteristic of the island and are usually seen without much difficulty.

Enjoy the summer in a different way. Come for holidays to Ibiza, practice snorkeling and enjoy the sea from another perspective. Stay in one of our hotels and rest in  4 and 5 stars hotel.

Ibiza awaits for you!