Sightsee and things to do in Ibiza with children


The so called white island has much to offer and countless activities for you and your family to enjoy, whether hiking in the mountains, visiting museums, playing sports, swimming in its coves and even take long walks aimlessly.

But if you don’t know what to see in Ibiza, then we’ll give you a series of suggestions. Let’s start!


Enjoy the sunsets

It is one of the most spectacular gems of Ibiza, you can enjoy it from any point of the west coast of the island, including the beaches, among them Cala Conta.

This can be a magical event where the children will also be amazed, the combination of the colours of the sea and the sky while the sun is hidden, it’s something they will never forget.


Visit the aquarium of Cap Blanc

It is popularly known as “Sa Cova de Ses Llagostes” and also is one of the must-sees places of the island if you go with the little ones. This aquarium has many peculiarities, but the most remarkable is that it’s located inside a natural cave. This will make the children feel like in a pirate movie while they get to know all kinds of marine species.

These facilities, divided into two large lakes, have more than 50 species of the white island, among which we highlight their impressive julias, groupers, octopus, rays, fadrins and castanets, a type of fish that during its youth has a very intense blue colour. In addition, they also have samples of shark eggs, gastropods and sea sponges.

Another of its peculiarities is that in addition to being an aquarium it is also a Marine Species Recovery Center (CREM). Its dual function is focused, firstly, on raising awareness of the problems that exist in the marine ecosystem, and secondly on the recovery of the loggerhead turtle, so you will surely see one that is in the centre recovering.


Dive in its waters

The island is full of spectacular beaches, one of the most impressive is the aforementioned Cala Conta, but we also want to highlight the one in Las Salinas, which is very popular with parents and children because of its long stretch of sand, its crystalline waters and a natural forest environment that surrounds it.

Other recommended beaches to go with children are Cala de Sant Vicent and Cala Llenya, both in the municipality of Sant Joan, Platja d’en Bossa, Cala Bassa, Cala Jondal and Cala Llonga, as you have seen, the island offers a great range of options for all tastes. However, we also discourage certain beaches and they are rocky ones, since they can be dangerous for the little ones, besides it will limited them to play freely.


Visit the Ses Salines Park

It is a highly recommended visit, since this park a jewel of nature. It is located at the southern edge of the island, between Ibiza and Formentera. It is an excursion that can be done at any time of year and no one gets tired of doing it, due to the great biodiversity around the area. It also has an Interpretation Centre and a space for bird watching, where it is very easy to observe the flamingos in their natural habitat.


Go snorkelling

For older and adventurous children, we suggest you snorkel in S’Illot des Renclí, where you will be able to see first-hand what is under its crystalline waters. And if you want to discover more, you have more places at your disposal several excursions around the island to know the Posidonia, the marine plant responsible for the turquoise color of the waters and declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.


Piloting Karts

Kids who love cars also take their place in Ibiza with Go-Karts Santa Eulalia. This attraction has a circuit of 300 meters in length where you can enjoy the adrenaline of karting no matter your age. They have baby carts for children from 3 years and up to 7 years old.

But adults also have their corner with two-seats and high-power karts. However, the site has much more to offer, as it also has recreational games, a track of electric motorcycles, mini quads and cafeteria services and parking.


Going on adventures with Acrobosc

Another adventurer’s plan is the Acrobosc park, located in an area of pine trees and 100 meters from Cala Pada. It is also an attraction where any child can enjoy regardless of age, since according to height and age different types of attraction can be accessed.

The enclosure has 39 platforms from 2 to 6 meters high, 20 zip lines from 4 to 65 meters in length, 49 obstacles and trampolines where it ensures a lot of fun and adrenaline, but always with the tranquillity of having instructors and safety instrumentation to avoid accidents.


Take a boat in Talamanca

This activity has become a classic to do as a family. In the Port of Ibiza you can take a boat and go to both ends of the place, the Paseo Marítimo and Talamanca.

An ideal plan accompanied by a walk to know the city and its old town, known as Dalt Vila, while you eat an ice cream, go shopping and then dine in a good pizzeria.


Visit the Las Dalias Market

It is one of many inheritances left by the hippies on their journey through the island. It is open all year round and with the passage of time has become almost a mandatory visit for all tourist in the island. Here you will find all kinds of crafts and products from all corners of the world. It is located in the north of the island, specifically in Sant Carles.

As you can see, Ibiza is a place where nobody is left with an indifferent impression and everyone can find their place of peace and fun.


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