What services for families can you find in our Ibiza hotels?


Family vacations are very expected during the year this for the purpose of clear the mind of the routine and live pleasant moments of relaxation as well as fun with our loved ones.

But when going on holidays with children, especially when they are very young, it is logical that parents look for certain requirements at the hotel where they will stay to make their holidays more comfortable.

Family services to consider in Ibiza hotels

Among the most important aspects to be taken into account by parents is, of course, to have a space where their children, being safe and well monitored, can perform educational and fun activities, while they take some time to have a snack, enjoy the pool or a moment in the spa without any worries.

In our luxury hotel in Ibiza we have the Fenicia Miniclub, where children from 4 to 12 years old can have fun, always in care of our monitors. The facilities of the Fenicia Miniclub include games, books, didactic material, paintings, TV and activities carried out in the company of the monitors.

The spa of our hotel also has a schedule for access with the children, because they also deserve a relaxing time. They can relax with a special 20-minute massage for children or enjoy the jet circuit in the company of their parents.

As well as the children’s pool adapted for babies and small children. Here you can take a bath, play games with your children and enjoy the water in a totally safe space for the little ones.

Food, an important issue

One of the biggest concerns when going on vacation with children is the food. It is already known that children do not eat exactly what adults eat, and that some can be a little demanding about the subject.

That is why in the restaurants of our hotel Fenicia Prestige Suites children have a menu specially designed to be to their liking and adults can enjoy your meal with total peace of mind. In addition, our restaurants are also equipped with high chairs for babies.

All these amenities await you in the facilities of our hotels in Ibiza. Do not wait any longer and book your stay. We will wait for you!