The ruins of the Castle of Santa Águeda


The island of Menorca hides a multitude of historical places, which in many cases are unknown by a large part of the sporadic visitors who day after day hosts this little island located in the Mediterranean sea.

In this article, we propose an excellent plan to know a little more the centennial history of this island, where you will find our Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa and our Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa. Two cozy resorts in which to enjoy and disconnect to the maximum during your vacations.

One of the medieval corners of this island is the castle of Santa Águeda, a watchtower built during the arduous times of conquest. This medieval castle is located about 264 meters high in the town of Ferrerías.

In the upper and most fertile part of this locality located to the north of the island, the ruins of this beautiful castle remain. A castle that has come to the various civilizations that have been in Menorca and have left us as a result what we now know about the island.

Most of the ruins still present belong to the old Muslim layout, an era that according to history was the most splendid of the castle.

Between these historical ruins, we find a building called “the house of arms”, which was the place where they kept all the weapons and ammunition during the busiest time.

Next to this “house of arms”, ” you can still  find the three main spaces of this castle and next to these ruins, we can contemplate the remains of the castle of Santa Águeda, which are the two circular towers belonging to the X and XI centuries.

Without a doubt, it is a space that transports you to the past and makes you connect with the essence of what this beautiful island was, a centennial place in which to spend a pleasant morning.

From Insotel Hotel Group we hope you have a happy holiday on the island of Menorca.