A romantic weekend around Menorca with motorcycle



Are you thinking about spending a romantic weekend in Menorca? If the answer is yes, the next information may interest you.

Insotel invites you to spend a romantic weekend in our resort Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa five star hotel in the island of Menorca.

It is a luxury spa located just 150 meters from Punta Prima beach. In it, you’ll find 52 exclusive and spacious Prestige Suites where you will spend wonderful romantic evenings.

Another activity that can be really rewarding to enjoy good times with friends is traveling around the island by motorcycle. Menorca is an island of short distances, so Ciutadella and Mahon are the two main towns with a distance of just 45 kilometers away.

Going all over Menorca by motorcycle is very romantic but also has its practical side, as you will find parking quickly even in the most crowded places. You will also have access to exclusive beaches and coves such as:

The Trebalúger cove, this is an isolated cove near Cala Mitjana and you can access to it by Camí dels Cavalls. It is a busy little cove, but its real charm is its fine sand and calm waters.

Just 30 minutes’ walk from the cove Trebalúgar, you can find the Escorxada cove, it is a cove in an unspoiled environment where you notice the Mediterranean wind, a warm and nurturing.

In the southern part of Menorca you will find the cove Es Talier, it is a not so solitary cove but it has a very charming beach. On this beach you can find the true essence of Menorca.

After touring the entire island by motorcycle you can take massages and beauty treatments in the hands of professionals by Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa *****.

Exclusive body treatments, facial therapies, reflexology, lymphatic drainage … all these services can be combined with a luxurious spa experience set in different cultures around the world.

Each treatment is made with materials and aromas of the culture from where this treatments is originate, in order for you to feel like traveling to that destination without leaving our exclusive Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa *****.

Spend a few romantic days in Menorca with Insotel Group!