Reconnecting in summer


The summer months will change and always for the better. In this season in which the sun shines as never before, it’s the right time to reconnect with yourself. Forgetting everything and letting go is easy if you know how…

Forget being aware of the phone, put aside the mails, calls and whatsapps. Focus only on you and your companion. Enjoy massages, and relaxing baths circuits of our spas.

Travel to Ibiza or Menorca and spend a few days off and relax in our spas of these two islands. Punta Prima Prestige Insotel suites & spa ***** in Menorca or Insotel Fenicia Prestige ***** in Ibiza.

Eating is one of the pleasures of life, taste delicious dishes cooked in the hands of our highly qualified chefs, these are some of the small pleasures you enjoy in our spas. You will enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in the pure Balearic style.

Wake up late and lie nap at odd times, either on the beach, at the pool or in your hotel room. Our spas are a perfect place to relax without worrying about anything else. Take your days in Insotel to disconnect from the world and reconnect with you.

Take long walks along the seashore or by our facilities and enjoy the starry sky of the Balearic Islands. Gaze at the stars and let yourself be conquered by the reflection of the moon.

Escape to a beautiful cove and dive into the Mediterranean Sea. Seawater contains magnesium, this mineral helps to calm down and eliminate our anxiety. That is why if you’re looking off and away from your daily stress stop a few days by the sea and leaving care for our most exclusive treatments will affect your health.

Spending a few days in our spas is a pleasure to note in the long term. Relax, reconnect and let out only for what you want at that moment are just some of the delights of our life with Insotel.

We wait for you in our spas Insotel Punta Prima Prestige suites & spa ***** and  Insotel Fenicia Ibiza Prestige*****.