The most popular water sports in the Balearic Islands


If you are a sports lover, the Balearic Islands are your ideal destination. Its climate and coves make it the ideal paradise for diving, windsurfing, kayak and… much more!

Water activities to practice in Ibiza

Being an area with quiet and crystal clear waters, Ibiza becomes the ideal island to enjoy a wide variety of water sports. The best known are:

Diving or Snorkeling. Thanks to its transparent waters, it is very easy to observe the marine fauna. Its rocky coves, vegetation, bays and underwater caves, make it a fascinating experience. Ideal to perform in all types of coves, such as: Cala d’Hort and Cala Tarida.

Hydro pedals. If what you want is to relax while enjoying a pleasant walk by the sea meanwhile you sunbathe, this is the best option for you. Rent a pedal boat and enjoy!

Windsurf. The favorable winds of the area and the natural landscapes will allow you to enjoy this fascinating activity. You can also do some paddle surfing, in which you will put your physical condition and balance to the test.

Water scooter, Boat or Kayak. If what you want is to explore some of the coves you cannot ignore these options. In fact, throughout the island there are many schools that offer classes and rental material for this type of activity.

Flyboarding or Jet-skiing. If you are passionate about intensity and adrenaline, these sports are for you! A special hose that will propel you to heaven or some skis with which you will go at full speed. Feel free and enjoy as never before in Ibiza!

Activities in Ibiza with Insotel Hotel Group

In Insotel Hotel Group we offer you a wide variety of hotels and resorts in the Balearic Islands where we carry out water sports activities that are ideal for you. Check out our hotel in Ibiza and be amazed!

Activities that you can do with our expert instructors who will accompany and teach you everything that its need to know. All the material and groups of professionals with whom you can take introductory courses! Diving, Snorkeling, Hydro pedaling … It sounds interesting, right?

Do not hesitate anymore and immerse yourself in the fascinating treasures that this island offers. In Ibiza it is easy to enjoy water activities of all kinds, since there are many spectacular places throughout the area.

Incredible views and fascinating landscapes that will accompany you while doing sport. Without a doubt, Ibiza is the ideal destination to spend your holidays!