Fiestas de Pollensa, meet the popular culture of Mallorca


On August 2, one of the major festivals of Mallorca is celebrated, the day of Our Lady of the Angels. The patron saint of one of the most important and visited towns on the island, Pollensa.

That day all the people do numerous acts, but the most marked is their recreation of an epic battle between Moors and Christians, which commemorates the triumph of the pollesins Christians against the Saracen corsairs, or Moors.

A celebration of great tourist interest

Although the night of August 1, the festivities begin celebrating with a verbena, the official festival in honor of the Patroness begins at 5 in the morning. The beginning is marked by the intonation of the local anthem of Pollensa, the Alborada, first performed in 1882.

Entered in the morning, a solemn and religious mass is celebrated to the Lady of the Angels and then the Cossiers dance is performed, this is a traditional Mallorcan dance that, after almost a century disappeared, was recovered in 1981.

However, the main course begins with the battle of Moors and Christians that is celebrated later. This commemorates the victory of the local inhabitants in front of the Arab privateers of Dragut, who attacked the town during the night of May 30 to 31, 1550.

Of all this representation, the peak moment is lived around 7 pm, since it is when the Christian captain Joan Más prays and desperately asks the virgin for help, moments before the impressive clash between the two sides begins.

The representation of the battle begins in the Almoina square, where the leaders of both sides, Captain Joan More and the privateer Dragut, meet for the first time. After the prayers of the pollensí captain to the virgin, it is when the shock occurs. The Christians, dressed in white, and the corsairs, with colored clothes, face for the control of the population, retreating these last ones until the end of the main street.

That is where other important events occur, for example, the release of captives captured by privateers. However, the battle still continues with three more clashes, which will give the triumph of the Christians.

The sign that announces his victory and the end of the simulation is when they get the corsair flag and then go to the Patron Parish to sing a Tedeum, a traditional Catholic hymn of thanksgiving for the victory.

How to get to Pollensa?

Pollensa is a small town located north of the island of Mallorca. These festivities are not the only attraction of the town, since it has a charm that makes it special and makes it one of the most visited places in the Balearic Islands. It is located 53 km from Palma de Mallorca (39 km if you drive by highway) and borders the municipalities of Alcudia, Escorca, Campanet and Sa Pobla.

Another attraction of this population is the surrounding environment, located in the foothills of the Sierra de la Tramuntana and which, although it is 13 km from the coast, has 16 beaches of enormous beauty, among which we highlight Cala Figuera, Cala in Gossalba, Cala in Feliu or Cala Murta, for its natural beauty and tranquility.

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Pollensa and its parties await you!