Organizing family vacations


Organizing the holidays is always a heartwarming task while exhausting. Choosing your destination, leaving everything ready, picking the hotel…

All this is a bit more complicated if you’re traveling with children. From Insotel we give you tips to prepare your holidays and to choose thinking of the needs all your family has.

Organize your holiday and have fun with the kids on the beach. The Balearic Islands are a charming destination for a holiday with children. In our hotel chain you will find specialized areas for entertaining.

Plan your relaxing days with family and play with them choosing Balearic island you are going to visit. You involve them in the choice of destination and this task becomes very exciting for children.

If you choose to discover the island of Formentera you can stay in Insotel Club Maryland. This hotel has facilities so you can enjoy a family holiday and the little ones have a great time.

Insi Splash is a water park for children and adolescents in our Insotel Club Maryland. In this park you will find water slides which slide and dive into a world of fun.

If your destiny is Mallorca and you are staying at Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa you will find a spa for children called Insi Sensation Spa. It is a thermal covered area for children. Here they can play and enjoy new sensations as aromatic showers with color therapy, way hot and cold stones, etc.

In addition, we have varied animation programs directed and organized by a team of professionals in children’s leisure activities.

Enjoy the sun, the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. Choose Insotel to disconnect and to play with the little kids.