October 2018 Promotion: Duathlon European Championship


Insotel Hotel Group is always supporting sport and events related to it that take place in the islands. On this occasion, we will talk about the Duathlon European Championship.

There are different categories according to performance and age in the duathlon championship. These categories are:

  • Elite and U23. 10k race (4 laps of 2,5k) + 40k of cycling (8 laps of 5k) + 5k race (2 laps of 2,5k).
  • Junior. Race of 5k (2 laps of 2,5k) + 20k of cycling (4 laps of 5k) + Race of 2,5k (1 lap of 2,5k).
  • Sprint Age Groups. Race of 5k (2 laps of 2,5k) + 20k of cycling (3 laps of 6,6k) + Race of 2,5k (1 lap of 2,5k).
  • Standard Age Groups. Race of 10k (4 laps of 2,5k) + 20k of cycling (2 laps of 10k) + Race of 5k (2 laps of 2,5k).

In order to support this type of event at Insotel, we launched a special promotion for all participants and their companions. So, from 21.10.2018 until 28.10.2018 in our Fenicia Deluxe with the promotional code DUA18 you will get fantastic discounts.

In addition, thanks to this promotion all athletes and their companions will have access to the unlimited Prestige Spa so they can relax and recover in company after the race.

October is a month in the heat and the sun gives its last throes before giving way to winter. A season in which you can still enjoy the beach and the good temperatures, all this free of crowds and tourists.

It is the perfect opportunity to join sport and relax, take advantage of this promotion and spend a few days in Ibiza during the month of October. Are you going to lose it?