November 1st typical food


On November 1st is a very popular holiday for the Balearic Islands and all of Spain. This day is to be a special day and it could not miss its sweet characteristic. In the east area of Spain panellets, holy bones and fritters are very popular.

If you visit Insotel Hotel Group during the last weekend of October or the first week of November we recommend you go to a bakery in the area and buy these peculiar pastas.

Pañellets are based dough ground almonds, sugar, eggs and water. Once  baked they are coated with pine nuts, almonds, fruit or are coated with either chocolate, coconut, sugar…

The origin of this typical treat dates back to the eighteenth century when it was offered as blessed food to celebrate the festival of November 1.

Los Huesos de Santo, are some delicious filled sweets with tubular shape. They are made of marzipan, and stuffed with sweet egg yolk. Although traditionally it was only stuffed with egg, now you can find it stuffed with chocolate, strawberry, coconut …

The name of this sweet is not because of its form, as many might think, but it is because of the color they acquire after cooking.

Los Buñuelos de viento, it is a sweet of uncertain origin but also has become a traditional and indispensable treat for November 1 in the Balearic Islands.

It is a sponge dough made from flour, sugar and egg. Then it is fried in the pan and this is where it swells. The name comes from the consistency of the dough after frying. Once fried they are filled with cream, chocolate, cream… and coated with sugar.

Visit the Balearic Islands and tastethese sweets. See you in our Resorts Insotel Hotel Group!