The National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago


The National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago is located in the south of the island of Mallorca, specifically about 10 nautical miles distance, and is made up of different islands and islets, specifically: Cabrera, Conejera, Ses Rates, Els Estels, L’Imperial, Ses Bledes , It is Fonoll, Na Rodona, L’Esponja, Na Plana, Na Pobra, S’Illot Pla, S’Illot and Na Foradada.

Nineteen islands and islets that have a total of more than 10,000 hectares in which, if you visit this park, you will enjoy the best-unaltered island ecosystem in Spain.

A natural park in which its territory is an 85% made of water. Transparent waters that gives a clear view of the underwater caves inhabited by species still not cataloged. In addition, its marine bottoms possess a total of 200 species of fish and a multitude of autochthonous invertebrates.

Another of the strong points of this archipelago is the number of birds that inhabit here, whether native or that use the park in the migration season to rest on their long journey. A total amount of 130 species.

To get to this park, you must do it with the tourist boats that make several trips every day and depart from the closest points of the archipelago, that is, from the south of Mallorca. On the other hand, if you want to travel by private boat, you will need to request a navigation authorization.

Once you are in Mallorca and already made yourself comfortable in your room of Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa we recommend you to visit the National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago, an unquestionable spectacle of nature that you should not miss.