Mindfulness in the islands


Enjoy summer in the Balearic Islands and reconnect with yourself could be the motto of this holiday season, do not you think?

Mindfulness is a technique of internal mental connection with ourselves gradually in recent years has increased its number of followers.

Do not you know that is mindfulness? Do not worry, by the hand of Insotel you will know this practice and almost certainly you will started to exercise it.

This practice is based on a concentration exercise in order to focus each and every one of our thoughts at one point of our body.

The purpose of this practice is to learn to appreciate that thoughts, attitudes and situations that happen to us in our day to day and we let our minds run freely and which are not.

With the practice of mindfulness we stop being automatons of our thoughts and we will decide which thoughts we want to continue our minds and prowled which we disappear.

People who practice this type of concentration are able to recognize what is happening while it is happening.

This practice teaches us to feel what we felt at that moment without adding negative feelings of what will happen in the future or remember what happened a while back.

These little details add we stress to our daily and thanks to mindfulness pay attention only to items that are happening and we will do consciously in the present moment with interest, curiosity and acceptance.

This reconnection technique is a way to learn to manage feelings like stress or pain all the obstacles that we encounter on our way.

Come to one of our wonderful spas located in the Balearic Islands, practice mindfulness and free yourself from stress!