Did you know that Menorca has a secret natural park?


Menorca is a Mediterranean island that always has something to offer. We know that there we will find the best virgin beaches of the island of Menorca. But, we also know that it is not the only thing that makes the island special and for many times you visit, it always has something new to show us. You could say that it always hides a small part for you to discover in your next visit.  

Es Grau, the secret natural park of Menorca

Did you think you already knew all the corners of Menorca? Maybe you missed a not so well-known place, as Menorca hides wonderful secret places. One of those places the islands tries to hide is called “Es Grau”. It is a secret natural park also called s’Albufera des Grau Natural Park, located in the most protected part of the island. Five natural reserves were declared in the park: the islands of Addaia, s’Estany, bassa de Morella, es Prat and the island En Colom. Since 1993 it is a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

This park has an area of about 5,000 hectares and is one of the strategic points for the conservation of the biosphere of the island. In order to be able to visit and at the same time preserve this wonderful place, three routes have been created. Two of them start in the same park and the third begins in the town of Es Grau.

These are routes designed to be done on foot, with a duration of about 60 minutes each. Apart from being able to enjoy the wonderful views this park offers, there are different bird watching points along the routes. These routes are the Llimpa itinerary with a duration of 40 minutes (1.7km), the Santa Madrona itinerary that can be done in 60 minutes (2.8km) and finally the Sa Gola itinerary which can be complete in an estimated time of 45 minutes, a total of 1.7km.

Activities near the Es Grau Park

The park is located in a strategic place on the island. When you finish the route through the park nothing will be better than a visit to the Faro de Favàrtix. There you can enjoy a mythical lunar landscape thanks to steep cliffs or slate rocks.

You can also take advantage of the route of the Camí de Cavalls. A mandatory route to do if you are visiting the Balearic Islands. Surely if you are a lover of rural tourism, you will not overlook this activity.

The coves and beaches of Menorca are not far behind. You can of course go to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Cala Galdana, Cala Mitjana and Cala Macarella. But, a few meters from the park we can find Es Grau beach. A virgin beach with calm waters due to its shallowness. In addition to the visits, at midday you can enjoy all kinds of services and amenities, such as eating a good paella by the sea.

Accommodation in Menorca

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This Punta Prima Resort & Spa hotel is located a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, just 25 minutes from 25 de Es Grau. A resort where you will find all the amenities to spend a luxury holiday.

From Insotel Hotel Group, we hope you enjoy the island and the secret natural park of Menorca Es Grau, a few hectares of nature that you should not miss.