Menorca and its secret places

That Menorca has incredible beaches where you can enjoy alone, as a couple or as a family, it is undeniable, but what not everyone knows is that it has very well hidden corners that would surely leave you wanting to repeat year after year. Next, we explain what they are and where to find them.

Menorca and its places of interest

From mysterious beaches of fine white sand to places of gastronomy and history of the nineteenth century, this little paradise has much to offer for its visitors.

In addition, who says that Menorca cannot be visited outside the high season? With these places that we will show you now, we are sure that it will take you nothing to pack your bags to come and visit this paradise.

Binifadet Wineries

It is the winery that produces more wine than anywhere else in Menorca. We recommend that after strolling through the vineyards you sit on the patio and enjoy the sun accompanied by a good wine and tapas.

If you look at the menu you will see that wine can be found both as a drink and as a main ingredient, such as Chardonnay sauce, in which ingredients such as jam and ice cream also predominate. You can also find cheeses and local meats very present in the menu. In addition, you will have the option of hiring a guided tour with wine tasting included.

Cala Parejals

It is a beach with a cave that few know, since many of those who pass through that place are perplexed with the turquoise colour of the sea. It is a beach of fine white sand where you can spend good moments to relax, enjoy the waves, the sun and a good book.

Right next to it we find the Cova des Pardals, which is a cave where most hikers appear, therefore, it does not have the magic of tranquillity that can be breathed in Cala Parejals, but it is also a highly recommended site.

In this one we can find some stairs that give to the interior of the cave, which is said to be used to land contraband products at the beginning of the last century. It is worth visiting and discovering it for yourself, don’t you think?

Mitger cannel

In this secret place of Menorca where we can find a geology museum but outdoors. It is a small cove with capricious folds that flow into the sea, and where we recommend you go if all you need is to find the most absolute peace and quiet.

Sa Bassa Verda

It is a lagoon that is located northwest of the beaches of Algaiarens, more specifically north of Ciutadella. It is advisable to access this place by car and leave it parked by the surrounding beaches, and then take the road to Camí de Cavalls, approximately 6.7 km until arriving.

In this one we can find a green forest path, to enjoy this island in the middle of nature, until we reach behind the surrounding rocks and tall trees at the Sa Bassa Verda pond, which is so picturesque and alive that it is difficult to think that it is only temporary.

The good thing is that you can access people of any age, who have good legs and who like to walk to complete it. It is also an option to visit Menorca out of high season which means that any time of the year we can visit this magnificent beach of the Balearic Islands.

Where to stay?

In one of our best hotels in Menorca, the 5-star Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa, you can find everything you need to visit one of the best islands in Spain. The resort offers a varied meal in its four restaurants, activities for the whole family and facilities that will not leave you indifferent.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss this wonderful island and everything it can offer you.

We wait for you!