Markets in Formentera, Discover them and fall in love with them!



Considered the Caribbean of the Mediterranean, Formentera is the most charming Pitiusa island in the Balearic Islands. Despite being a small island, it offers a lot of possibilities such as its incredible paradisiacal beaches, the charm of its small towns, or the different hippy markets, something that you cannot miss.

Formentera is an idyllic place where you can enjoy every second, where you will live incredible experiences and visit indescribable places, always without losing the unique and special essence that an island like this provides.

What to do in Formentera?

That is why we recommend different markets located on the island, so you can enjoy, see and experience the essence so characteristic of the small pitiusa, something that will surely leave you wanting to return.

The best markets of Formentera

La Mola Market

It is a great option to enjoy the evening on the island every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. It has been underway since 1984 and doesn’t go unnoticed for more than one.

The street market of La Mola is located in the Pilar de la Mola, a very quiet town away from the touristic  areas and considered a mini-island for its high peninsula.

Only Pitiusas artisans participate in this market, a real luxury for all those who love crafts. You will be captivated by its ceramics, jewelry, paintings, in addition to its bohemian atmosphere and hippie market.

Also, you will find original and unique pieces, inspired by Formentera and elaborated on many occasions with materials extracted on the island itself. Among them, you can buy the classic lizards, t-shirts or bracelets with symbols of the island.

In addition to this, we offer another plan just 30 minutes walk from the market of La Mola. In the lighthouse of La Mola, located next to one of our Insotel Club Maryland, where you can enjoy the most incredible views of the island, reaching up to 200 meters above the sea.

Es Pujols Market

This market gets its charm because it is located on the Es Pujols promenade, next to the beach and next to the promenade. It is a market of varied crafts that is mounted every night on the promenade of the town.

You can take advantage to enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants that are in front of the market, while enjoying views and an incredible atmosphere.

Just 20 minutes walking from here, you can reach the town located in the center of Formentera: Sant Ferran. It is an ideal place to spend the afternoon / night, and there is a great environment next to the church, with live music and hippie vibes.

Sant Francesc Market

Located in Sant Francesc Xavier de Formentera or San Francisco de Javier, it is one of the busiest markets to be in the very capital of the island. It is set every morning on the main street of Sant Francesc, the most commercial place par excellence.

In it, you can find from the most varied objects, to clothing and jewelry of all kinds. In addition, just 5 minutes by car you can reach the only port of Formentera, the Puerto de la Savina.

An area of great tranquility, to walk and enjoy the sea views. Its charm is indescribable, as well as its people, something that doesn’t go unnoticed as soon as you arrive in Formentera.

If you don’t know what to visit, where to go or you need to disconnect and relax, Formentera is your place. Never before will you experience such a feeling of well-being with yourself. Write it on your agenda and don’t miss any of the markets, as well as none of the corners that Formentera hides: the Mediterranean Caribbean.

See you at our all-inclusive hotel in Formentera!