Made in Formentera


Considered the Caribbean of the Mediterranean, Formentera is the most charming and brilliant island of the Balearic Islands. Despite being a small island, it offers a lot of possibilities, such as its incredible beaches, the charm of its small towns, and different hippy markets, something you cannot miss. This is one of the prettiest and most charming places to travel and enjoy, where you will live incredible experiences and visit indescribable places, without losing the unique and special essence that provides an island such as Formentera. That’s why we recommend different markets located on the island, so you can enjoy and experience this essence so characteristic of the small pitiusa island, something that cannot be described in words.

Market of La Mola

This is a great option to enjoy the evening on the island. Small but very well located, you can find crafts and handmade stuff from the Balearic Islands. It happens every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. The market of La Mola is a real treat for lovers of crafts, such as ceramics, jewelry, painting, among many others, and where you will find original and unique pieces inspired by the island and elaborated on many occasions with materials extracted from the island itself. You cannot go to Formentera without passing through La Mola.

Market Es Pujols

Its charm lies in its location. It that takes place on Es Pujols, next to the beach. It is a varied craft market that happens every night in the village. You can take the opportunity to enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants located in front of the market while you enjoy great views and an amazing atmosphere.

Market of Sant Francesc

This is an every-morning street market located in the main street of Sant Francesc, the most commercial place of the island. Its charm is indescribable, as well as its people, something that does not go unnoticed to the visitors of Formentera.

If you do not know what to visit, where to go or need to unwind and relax, Formentera is your place. You will feel good with yourself, like never before. Do not miss any of the markets, and none of the hidden corners in Formentera, the Caribbean Mediterranean.