Lighthouse of La Mola


Formentera is one of the most beautiful and best preserved islands of the Balearic Islands. It is a very small island, in a single day you can walk it all but, and even so, there are hundreds of essential beaches to enjoy during a whole morning and many historical sites to see.

One of these historic places on the Balearic Island of Formentera is the Lighthouse of La Mola. This lighthouse was founded in 1847, but it was not until 1861, that under the reign of Isabel II, it began to function, giving reference to the hundreds of ships that pass by this Island.

How has La Mola Lighthouse worked during its history?

Throughout its history, it has functioned correctly thanks to many different types of energy, according to the energy evolution over the years. In its beginnings, according to the research of Javier Pérez Arévalo, it was fed on virgin olive oil, which at that time was used to generate light.

In 1883, it began to use the paraffin of Scotland, arrived from Glasgow and operated the lighthouse until oil arrived in 1901. Finally, the oil gave way to electric light in 1971, which continues to feed the facilities of the lighthouse until today.

Who has taken care of Lighthouse de la Mola?

Like the different energy sources that have fed the lighthouse, we found about 90 families that were dedicated to take care of it throughout its history. Hundreds of lighthouse keepers and technicians have put hours and hours of work in the Faro de la Mola, and have created history.

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