“Las Salinas Beach” from Ibiza, a Mediterranean Paradise.


That Ibiza is an unparalleled natural place is something indisputable and known by everyone. This is one of the reasons why all our guests cannot stop repeating every time we visit.

Whether in our Insotel  Tarida Beach Sensatori Resort *****, our Insotel l Insotel Club Tarida Playa **** or our Insotel  Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa ***** each one of our guests gets enchanted by the wonderful landscapes, the sea and the sun of Ibiza.

There is a part of Ibiza located to the south of the island with a very peculiar charm. It is “Las Salinas”, which name comes from the salinity of its waters. Sodium chloride, salt, is obtained by the evaporation of sea water in very flat areas, as this facilitates the entry of water into its bays.

The weather is a fundamental factor for obtaining salt, together with the low and flat coast and a climate with high temperatures and little rain, is part of Ibiza for many years has become the ideal place to obtain the precious salt of Ibiza.

Thanks to this we have a dazzling landscape, mountains of salt along with pelicans, a kind of bird that you can find in its waters during certain months of the year, a part of the island totally different from the rest.

It is a nature reserve where every summer many tourists spend their time enjoying the crystal clear waters and the fine sand. This beach called “Las Salinas” has a wingspan of almost two kilometers in length.

If you walk to the end of it you will find a small forest of rocks and trees with a totally different appearance and much less density oftourist. No doubt this is a good space to relax and get away from the crowds.

Once in Ibiza, we recommend you to visit this beach as it is a place to visit at least once in life and we are sure to 90% that you will repeat the experience.

From Insotel Hotel Group we wish you a happy holiday.