Do you know what ikat is?


The ikat is a process of making fabrics; a millenary technique that became a representative symbol of the island of Mallorca.

This type of processing is characteristic for the dyeing of its fibers by reserve. This tinting is done with ties in the same fibers that prevent them from staining completely, giving only color to intermittent parts.

The peculiarity of the ikat is that as it is wove, and depending on the ties made to the fibers in the process of dyeing, the pattern of the fabric appears, identical on both sides.

The origin of this technique is quite uncertain, but according to the most reliable hypothesis, its appearance was simultaneous and independent in various parts of the world such as Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico or Afghanistan.

However, how did they get to Mallorca from so far away? The answer is very simple, through the Silk Road that linked Asia with Europe. A route that was born in the V-VI century, which continued until the thirteenth century and led to the exchange of multiple products and manufacturing processes.

This type of fabrics continued to be manufacture in various countries of Europe until after the Second World War. Today, Mallorca is the only place where they continue to be produce; this is due to the insular nature that has allowed isolating the technique and conserving it.

A technique that over the years has been evolving and acquiring the roots of the island itself. Little by little, it has been adapting to the point of using its own elaboration techniques and changing its name “cloth of tongues”, making references to its drawings that recall the tongues of fire.

If you are sightseeing in the Balearic Islands, we recommend that you go to one of the many craft workshops where this type of fabric is produce, since it is a precious product with designation of origin that is worth acquiring.

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