Do you know which the most typical dish of Menorca is?



In addition to its beautiful landscapes, coves and beaches, Menorca hosts many gastronomic treasures and has an incredible diversity of typical products. In this article we will visit all its gastronomy through some of the dishes and typical products of this wonderful island.

Balearic Islands: The gastronomy of Menorca

If you want to experiment, but above all, savor the real culinary roots of the Balearic Islands… you must travel to Menorca! It is an island that retains its identity intact due to the love of its people and the sensitive tourism with the environment and very respectful that visit it summer after summer.

Its traditional cuisine is part of the well-known Mediterranean diet, based mainly on seasonal products, all of them from both land and sea.

In each of your recipes you can find vegetables, fish, meat, vegetables and cereals. In addition, the influence of the multiple cultures that have passed through the archipelago is present in each of them.

Menorca’s products and dishes par excellence

The sobrasada. It is a cured sausage made with pork, paprika, pepper and salt. It is one of the great delicacies, it is eaten on bread and accompanied with cheese.

The lobster stew. A very traditional dish that is a fundamental requirement to try before leaving Menorca. It is made with rice, fish stock and lobster. Its name comes from the container in which it is cooked, a wrought iron cauldron that was very used in boats.

The cheese of Mahón. It is made with raw cow milk of Mahón and is an exclusive product of the island of Menorca. And it is thanks to the characteristics of the soil, temperature, humidity and light that make this cheese one of the richest on the planet.

The ensaimada. It is similar to a brioche and is made with butter, flour, water and sugar. You can buy stuffed with cream, angel hair, chocolate… to taste palates!

If you want to savor these and many other dishes, we wait for you in our spa hotel in Menorca and let yourself be carried away by the delicacies of these islands.