Insotel wishes you a Happy New Year 2017!


A few days aways to say goodbye to 2016, all the team that form this large brand of Luxury Hotels and Resorts in the Balearic Islands, we want to thank you for the confidence you place in us year after year.

We hope you have everything planned for new year’s eve. A night  in which we say farewell to 2016 surrounded by our most beloved ones or our friends, and we welcome 12 months in which, in an uncertain way, we venture all the experiences and good moments that we have yet to discover.

We wish you to enjoy this magical night in which each culture sends out the year differently. In Spain there is the well-known tradition of eating the twelve grapes, one by bell, with the purpose of separating the coming year from the incoming.

This tradition goes way back, two centuries back, when, due to a crop surplus, the intake of the well-known 12 grapes of luck was popularized and has been maintained to this day.

Therefore, we hope to say goodbye to the year with the 12 grapes and welcome 2017 with a glass of champagne. Raise you glass and give thanks for all the good times and trips that you still have to do.

For us at Insotel Hotel Group, as every year, we will continue working hard to make every detail of our hotel at you taste, so you can enjoy, as always, the wonderful environment that the Balearic Islands offer us. An environment that we hope you enjoy this 2017 as much as you have done in the almost completed 2016.

Finally, we hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you in the summer season of 2017. A season in which you can enjoy the sun and the waters of the Mediterranean sea, a calm and surrounding our wonderful islands.

From Insotel Hotel Group we wish you a Happy New Year!