Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa and the Festa de Be of Menorca

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From Insotel we approach the traditional Festa del Be. In recent years the Festa del Be, which takes place on the island of Menorca, has become popular. Hundreds of followers, not only of the island, come year after year to see the charm of this popular festival.

The origin of this festival dates back to the early fourteenth century. So in the beginning the Obrería saint was heading horseback pilgrimage to the San Joan de Missa, a tiny chapel located in Menorca, in order to venerate their patron Sant Antoni Abat.

Along with this Obrería riding, forming a cavalcade of different ages were peasants, called cavallers. On the other hand, also on horseback, paid homage to the saint representing the four social strata: the church, nobility, craftsmen and peasants.

This parade was led by the fabioler, the city marshal. The fabioler rode on a donkey, led this delegation to the rhythm of drum and Jaramillo with simple notes.

These parties, in honor of its patron, ending the day after the feast of St. Joan, on 25 June. The highlights of this festival are days 23 and 24 June.

On June 23 afternoon celebrated the Cargol des Born. In this act the horses go around the Plaça des Born rhythm of the music played by an orchestra of the area. By nightfall the Cargol Santa Clara, offering neighbors walk the streets of the city, enter the houses of the people, who proudly await them with open arms.

On the 24th, as the feast day, the fabrioler comes at 8 am home of the Caixer Senyor, as representing the start of the festivities. In the evening, at 7, starting the Jocs des Pla.

First the Carotades are made. Two riders ride in parallel, one with a mask and the other with a stone trying to break the mask.

Then the game Ensortilla takes place. In this game, riders, spear in hand, make cuts from end to end of the plain, in order to hit with his spear in one hanging from a wire ring. This ring has a few centimeters in diameter, complicating the game of the riders. Once riders guess right in the ring it will sound live music to celebrate the achievement of the rider.

If you visit Menorca, as a celebration of the Festa del Be, do not hesitate to stay at Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa, a family hotel in which to enjoy a few days of festivals and Balearic culture.