Insotel Hotel Group collaborates with Save Posidonia Project de Formentera


Insotel Hotel Group has contributed with € 10,000 to sponsor 10,000 M2 of Posidonia meadows, thus collaborating with Save Posidonia Project, an initiative of the Island Council of Formentera to raise awareness among residents, business people and tourists of the island of the importance of preserving the oceanic Posidonia.

The contribution of Insotel Hotel Group together with the identical contribution of the shipping company Trasmapi makes Insotel Group the largest contributor to this project.

The oceanic Posidonia represents one of the most important natural values of the island of Formentera, since it exerts an important function in the filtration of the sediments, thus giving a unique transparency to the waters. It also contributes to maintaining the quality and oxygenation of the underwater ecosystem where more than 400 species of marine plants and about 1,000 species of marine animals feed and reproduce.

Throughout the summer of 2017, Save Posidonia Project will organize sports, cultural and environmental activities whose benefits will go to the project.

If you want to contribute to the project by sponsoring some meters of Posidonia, you can access the project page here.

We can all help to protect and conserve the Posidonia so that Formentera remains a natural paradise.