A trip through the Ibizan gastronomy


The gastronomy in Ibiza is one of the most peculiar of all the Balearic Islands, it has such exquisite dishes that make all those intrepid travellers to fall in love with its flavours just with a little taste, once you eat it… you will repeat it!

The sobrasada, typical of the Island

This is a meal that is not only known in Ibiza, but is very popular throughout the archipelago. It is a raw sausage that is made with several types of pork, spices, salt and pepper. It is very common to find this product everywhere, because it has become a daily delicacy and faithful companion to a good piece of bread.

Bullit de peix

The bullit de peix is one of the typical dishes of Ibiza, is made from various varieties of fish and vegetables, such as potatoes, coated with aioli and saffron. It is a dish present in all homes and most restaurants.

Stingray Stew

Normally we can find this stew of many types of fish, but from Insotel Hotel Group we invite you to try the borjada de ratjada or the stew of ray. Many of the gastronomy restaurants in Ibiza prepare it in such a traditional way that it will give you the sensation of being eating one of the oldest but delicious delicacies in history.

Sofrit pagès

It is a perfect dish to satisfy hunger, especially for meat lovers. Its recipe includes chicken, peas, lamb, garlic, pulses, carrots, potatoes; without forgetting the most typical products of the Ibizan cuisine: the butifarrón, the sobrasada and the stuffed belly. With all this, there is no doubt that you will more satisfy than ever!

Crust Salad

It is a very simple dish but with a great taste that does not leave anyone indifferent. Its base is hard bread, tomatoes, garlic, salt and a little olive oil are added. It can be complemented with ingredients such as olives or onions that give it a special touch.


If you want to try a real historical dessert you should ask for it in one of the restaurants of traditional gastronomy. Although by the name we can confuse it with a flan, it has nothing to do with it. It is made with sheep and goat cheese, Ibizan herbs and anise. This cake, whose origin dates back to the Middle Age, was consumed in important or religious events, but nowadays it has become one of the essential desserts in the traditional menu of Ibiza.

The gastronomy made in Ibiza is not only distinguished by its unique and authentic flavours but also by being highly healthy and by its high content of beneficial ingredients for health. In fact, it is a true reflection of what the Mediterranean diet represents.

From our luxury hotel in Ibiza we hope that during your holidays you will enjoy gastronomy as much as we do every day. Happy Holidays!