Ibiza and the mystery of the islet of Es Vedrà


The islet of Es Vedrà is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for both tourists and locals. The reason? There have always been myths and legends that have affirmed it is a mysterious island with magical properties.

In addition, its high ecological value and its unique shape and size make Es Vedrà the place you cannot miss if you go to Ibiza on vacation.

Es Vedrà, The Islet of the paranormal events in Ibiza

This islet shows an unusual magic and there are many who claim to have witnessed various paranormal phenomena of no logical explanation.

In fact, there are several people who claim that pigeons lose their sense of direction when they fly over the island, as if there were a layer around it that prevented it. In addition, there are several sailors who claim to have seen strange objects while on the high seas.

On the other hand, it is believed that it possesses an accumulation of energy similar to the pyramids of Egypt or the statues of Easter Island. There are even theories that claim there is a submarine OVNI base beneath the islet. Submariners and sailors have declared to have seen different lights and to have heard strange noises that, sometimes, altered the route of the fish.

Can you visit Es Vedrà?

Birds, lizards, rocks… an islet surrounded by vegetation and a lot of charm and mysticism. For this reason, as it is an island protected as a natural area, it is forbidden to disembark unless you have a special permit.

Even so, you can observe the islet from several points. Cala d’Hort, a beach with coarse sand, or from the Torre de Es Savinar, where you will have incredible views. You can also find several viewpoints around the entire area.

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