Ibiza, an island of fishing tradition


Ibiza, like the rest of the islands that give shape to the Balearic archipelago, is a territory of fishing tradition. That is why today you will still find many fishermen’s huts distributed all over its coast.

Fishing huts and llaüts

The old fishermen’s huts were used as small shelters to safeguard the boats after leaving the sea to fish. They are made of stones, sabina beams and have a single main door.

We can find them among the rocks, cliffs and in the furthest corners of the island since the huts built at those points to protect them from the sea’s waves and bad weather.

Today, these huts continue to be used, not so much by professional fishermen but by amateurs who have inherited the huts.

The most original and curious about approaching to them are their springs. These are handmade wooden piers. Another of the curiosities of these houses is that they still have inside the cylindrical crank drum; some of them are more than 100 year old, they serve to raise boats.

Where can you find these huts?

If you want to look close to the maritime huts that are part of the historic seafaring tradition of Ibiza, you should go to:

  • Playa de Cala d’Hort
  • Playa Porroig
  • Playa de Cala Salada
  • Playa del Canal d’en Martí
  • Port de Ses Casetes
  • Playa d’ Es Portixol
  • Cala des Moltons

Once you are in the facilities of your room, of our Insotel Tarida Beach Sensatori Resort we encourage you to get carried away by the maritime halo that is breathed in the whole island. Moreover, go out to taste the traditional dishes based on fish, like the bullit of fish, the fish in salmorra or the peasant sauce.