How to get to Formentera : Advice and Recommendations


Formentera is the favorite destination of many of those who visit the Balearic Islands, although for some people it is a destination that is still unknown and that may seem complicated to reach, the truth is that it is easier than it seems and once you get to your destination, Formentera promises not to disappoint.

Arriving from abroad

The main airports in Spain are those of Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez and Barcelona-El Prat. Most international flights arrive at these airports and from here it is very easy to take a connecting flight to those that connect with Formentera.

There are many ways to get to Formentera, it can be from the peninsula, or from Ibiza, although moving between islands is very easy, thanks to the shipping companies that provide continuous transport services. We are going to explain how to get from these cardinal points.

Arriving in Formentera from the Iberian Peninsula

This island is located approximately 117 km from the city of Denia, which belongs to the Valencian Community; 177 km from the city of Valencia and 224 km from the city of Barcelona. From these three points only one has the option of going directly by boat to Formentera, and is taking a direct ferry from the city of Denia, a service available only during the summer season.

If you want to arrive from Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia you will have to take a plane to Ibiza Airport, which is the most direct point to the small island.

Once in Ibiza, you can reach the Port of Ibiza, taking a bus that goes directly from the airport to the port, a very popular option among travellers, or for more convenience you can take a taxi.

In the port of Ibiza there are many options in order to get to Formentera. Several shipping companies make the journey daily and most allow online booking for the convenience of their customers.

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Arriving in Formentera from Mallorca

A common question is can you get to Formentera from Mallorca?; yes you can, but you must also get to Ibiza first, either by ferry or by plane, since there is no direct route from Mallorca to Formentera, neither by ferry, nor by plane. Formentera does not have an airport, so the only way to get to the smallest of the Pitusas Islands is by sea.

If you are in Mallorca and want to get to Ibiza, we recommend you take a plane, since it is the fastest way to travel between these two islands, or if you are a lover of the sea and navigation you can choose to take the long journey by ferry Mallorca-Ibiza-Formentera and live a different experience navigating these three islands.

With this information you will have no more difficulty to reach the island of, in which we wait for you in our hotel in Formentera so that you enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the Mediterranean paradise that is Formentera.

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Do not hesitate and book a dream vacation and fun in Formentera !