How to entertain kids on the beach?


Going to the beach with the kids is a hilarious plan for them, but sometimes a little bored….

That is why from Insotel Hotel Group we offer games to entertain them and they do not stop to have a blast for a second

The Olympics in the sand

As if we were real athletes, we will take a long jump competition. For this game we only need a lot of imagination. We draw a line in the sand which will be the output. We will jump as far as possible and an impartial judge will decide who the real winner of Olympic gold in the sand is. The worthy champion will have a Conchita as a trophy.

Marine Architects

This game is a classic that entertains both children and adults, but it costs to admit … Build sandcastles, with authentic armored walls and a moat filled with imaginary shark is the preferred game of them. Garnish with shells and… Do not forget to rescue the princess!

The mummy of Menorca

Dig a hole and bury the mummy inside it. A deep hole as much as we can. Then our mummy is buried leaving his head outside. We will decorate the rooms of the mummy with shells and algae to make you feel comfortable. Once buried, the mummy will rise from his chambers and persecute everyone else.

The pirate treasure of Ses Illes

While the pirate count to twenty, the others hide the treasure sought. The treasure will be a great booty of sea shells that we have been previously collected. Depending on the age of the children, we define the area to give them easier to find the treasure.

Come to Insotel Hotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa**** and be on the beach with the little ones.