Hotel spa Ibiza, how to choose the best?


Finally come those well-deserved vacation days we dream about throughout all the year. Spend a few days on the beach, disconnect, enjoy the sun and return home completely renovated, are some of the goals we all want to achieve in our vacations. But… How to choose the best spa hotel in Ibiza?

Before getting into the search for the spa hotel that best suits our needs, from Insotel Hotel Group, we want to give you some advice so that your hotel choice for summer holidays is appropriate.

Which Spa Hotel in Ibiza to choose?

The hotels with spa in Ibiza, are those stations where we arrived atrophied, full of stress or very tired and we left renewed and even rejuvenated!

We must find the spa in Ibiza that best suits our needs and where we can share time with our partner, friends or family. Therefore, before choosing one or the other it is best to have some information about the activities and treatments available at the spa hotel in Ibiza and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Another point to note is the proximity of the sea to the hotels. If what we are looking for is to spend a few days of sun and beach, the ideal would be that the spa is very close to the sea to forget about the transport and go down to the beach while walking.

As we know that comfort during the holiday season is a highlight, all Insotel Hotel Group resorts are located a few meters from the sea, as is the case with our Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa, which also depends on the chosen room you will have a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea.

And finally, before making your reservation, think what kind of pension you want: only breakfast or half board, since depending on your plans on the island one type of accommodation will fit better than another, this choice we leave it in your hands!

Having said that, now all you have to do is book your reservation and start planning your summer vacation with Insotel Hotel Group.